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A Home for Jonathan

by Terry Burlingame My son, Jonathan, is 43 years old, severely impaired with autism and non-verbal. My wife, Barbara, and I wonder what he thinks, how he feels and if he is hurting, happy or sad. Over the years we have learned to discern some of his thoughts and feelings from his expressions, yet sometimes […]

30 Years: An Interview With Jay and Lois

by Drew Penfield David’s House Ministries has been faithfully providing care for adults with developmental disabilities since 1987. In lieu of the ministry’s 30th anniversary and upcoming Celebration of 30 Years, I met with co-founders Jay and Lois DeBoer to hear firsthand about how things began. The history of David’s House is something that’s never been […]

Remembering Matthew

by Shane Metzger As I think over my experience with Matthew and his life, there are a few things that resonate. He had very limited use of his body in this life, but what he could control he used to spread love and joy. I first met Matthew’s parents, Andy and Coby, over ten years […]

Sara’s Story

by Sara Gilbert In February of 2010, I received a phone call from my dad saying he’d been to the emergency room for a headache. The doctors ended up finding a brain tumor. I flew to Florida from Michigan to be with my dad while they performed brain surgery to remove the tumor. After nine hours […]