Dinner at Mitch and Marty’s

by Dean Nelson

Many David’s House and Shalom Springs residents are involved in Calvary Church’s “Go Getters” ministry on Tuesday evenings. It’s here that adults with special needs are able to gather weekly for a time of fellowship, worship and learning.

During Holy Week this year, Go Getters opted not to meet on account of Easter. In light of the cancellation, I was approached by Mitch and Marty—friends, roommates and Shalom Springs residents—with a proposition. Why not invite the regular Go Getters attendees over to their apartment for a cookout? Sounded like a great idea to me!

We spread the word of our gathering. By the time we had Mitch and Marty’s grill fired up that Tuesday evening, their small living room was stuffed with 14 people, six of whom are living in the Shalom Springs apartment complex but are not involved in Calvary’s ministry.

The week before the cookout, Mitch had enlisted Jim Townsley to help him transcribe his testimony in preparation for an upcoming Go Getters “talent night”. With this gathering of friends at the apartment for dinner, Mitch realized his opportunity to not only practice his public speaking but to glorify the Lord in sharing his faith story.

We had a wonderful meal and time in community that evening. As I cleared the table after dinner and began tackling the stack of dishes that had accumulated in the kitchen, I overheard Mitch and Marty address their guests for the sharing of Mitch’s testimony. In between the clinking of dishes and running faucet, I overheard Mitch calmly declaring God’s saving and redemptive work in his life to the hushed room of people.

When Mitch finished speaking, the living room erupted into cheers and applause! What joy it brought me to hear Mitch’s story and its incredible reception from the guests.

That evening at the apartments reminded me of how needed the Go Getters ministry is in providing community for adults with developmental disabilities and giving people like Mitch and Marty the opportunity to generously open their home, share a meal and proclaim the gospel. Calvary and Go Getters have played such an enormous role in the continuation of David’s House Ministries and Shalom Springs. So many of our residents don’t have a church community, yet through ministries like Go Getters are able to be welcomed in, helped in their personal and spiritual growth and equipped to be Christ’s ambassadors right where (and as) they are.

Dean Nelson provides direct care for residents of David’s House and Shalom Springs.

Read more about Dean here.

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  • I wish I had heard of Mitch and Marty’s cookout I would have been there for sure! Love you all!
    Mary Joyce

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