Our History

David’s House Ministries was born in the heart of a pastor and his wife, Pastor Jay and Lois DeBoer who had been blessed with a son who was born with significant disabilities. At the urging of longtime friends, Pastor Jim and Sue Holwerda, they decided that the Lord was leading them to establish a ministry where their son, David, could live. Jay and Lois realized that there would come a day when they would no longer be able to provide the personal care, social opportunities, and encouragement in the Christian faith their son needed. The dream was born to not only meet David’s needs but to establish a ministry that would bless many other families as well.

David’s House opened the first Christian adult foster care home for 10 men with varying disabilities in June of 1987.  House 1 was specially designed and purposefully built to include those who depend on wheelchairs for mobility.

House 2 was built in 1994 with financial gifts in addition to gifts of labor and materials. It was designed to meet a higher level of care needs for 12 men and women.

In 1997, a three-bedroom apartment was added to House 1 in order to provide a more spacious and private living space for the houseparents.  This was beneficial in providing a more livable space for the houseparents and enabled them to serve on a longer-term basis. A similar apartment was added to House 2 in 1999.

In 2010, House 3, a state-of-the-art home, was added to meet the needs of men and women who faced life with even greater personal and medical needs. This home was also designed from a clean sheet of paper to meet the needs of 12 men and women.

Also in 2010, our Supportive Services program (CLS) was established and began serving men and women who are able to live more independently. These individuals can choose to receive supportive services by contracting with David’s House Ministries.

In 2018, our newest home opened, Willow Tree Lodge. It was designed to meet a higher level of care for 6 women and is intentionally staffed with only women.

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David’s House Ministries has developed a program modeled after a “three-legged stool” with the intention of providing:

  • Quality surroundings and care
  • An atmosphere that promotes positive social interaction including fellowship, friendship, and fun
  • Encouragement of the Spiritual life and a deepening relationship with Jesus Christ for staff and residents

The staffing pattern at David’s House was changed in 2010 from a houseparent-based care system to a staff model involving a professional manager and a team of direct care providers.

We plan to continue providing new opportunities for a fulfilling living experience for individuals with special needs as God provides guidance, opportunity, and resources.