Daily Life

From the beginning, David’s House Ministries has partnered with families, churches, businesses, and foundations to meet the ever-changing needs of the residents we serve. For nearly 30 years, as many of our residents’ needs have changed, we have adjusted our current programs and staffing patterns and added adaptive equipment to meet these needs.

When possible, we adjust these programs to the individual and help them move into one of our other homes when the time is right. We call this a limited continuum of care. We can never promise that we will always meet an individual’s changing needs, but we will always try.

Our goal at DHMIN is to provide a fun, life-enriching experience for all residents.

Through daily activities in the homes, group excursions into the greater Grand Rapids community, and each resident’s one-on-one outings with a staff member, we create an environment conducive to providing quality, total-person care for those living and receiving services at DHMIN.

Below we have listed some of our Life Enriching Activities and Programs, and places we enjoy visiting throughout the community. If you are interested in volunteering or adding your organization’s or business’s name to either of these lists, please contact one of our Life Enrichment Coordinators.


LEAP stands for Life Enriching Activities and Programs. At DHMIN, we want to provide meaningful activities and opportunities for our residents to engage with each other and their community. Residents have opportunities throughout the year to volunteer at places such as Blandford Nature Center, Fulton Street Farmers Market, Beer City Dog Biscuits, Kids Food Basket, Hand 2 Hand, Roots Brew Shop, and Camp Geneva. They also work and volunteer independently at Carelinc Medical, Cracker Barrel, Fredrick Meijer Gardens, Ability Weavers, Samaritas, Brookcrest Nursing Home, Calvary Church, and Great Lakes Bindery. We believe the residents who live at DHMIN have gifts that should be shared with the community and that life-long learning improves their quality of life. Please get in touch with our Life Enrichment Coordinators if you or your organization are interested in providing opportunities for the community we serve.


DHMIN’s core values, Body, Soul, and Spirit, are the fundamental beliefs of our non-profit that help us place value on a strong sense of community. We believe recreational experiences and social opportunities are essential parts of one’s life. These activities help residents develop their identities, seek personal fulfillment, and promote overall happiness. Every week our Life Enrichment Coordinators and Resident Living Assistants work hard to put on different activities on our campus and throughout the greater Grand Rapids area. We enjoy visiting Fredrick Meijer Gardens, different zoos, Grand Haven and Holland beaches, movies, malls, going bowling, visiting coffee shops, Grand Rapids Museum, Art prize, Calvary Church, and Noorthoek Academy. We also have our Summer Concert Series, Friendship, various arts and crafts, cardio drumming, picnics, water days, and much more on-campus.