Check out these testimonials from residents, family members, and staff!

What Residents Say

“I enjoy having one of my best friends as my suite mate…”

“There is security in knowing there are people at home waiting for me…”

“I am never moving back home with my parents, I have been waiting for this for a long time…”

“I like attending events and being with all my friends that live at David’s House…”

“I have a feeling of safety and help when I need it…”

“The staff helps me with things I need help with…”

What Families and Guardians Say

“I appreciate that the staff love my sister enough and sees value in her as a person to teach her to say new words even though others said she couldn’t learn…”

“There is no doubt in our minds of our sons love and appreciation for the staff who love and care for him, who lead and help him, who believe he has much to give to others…”

“As a parent, it gives us a great sense of security when we realize that our son is not only being cared for now, but also when we are no longer around, he will still have a home…”

“David’s House has become a real HOME to our son…”

“My sister is receiving the best care she’s ever had. She is so happy and it is obvious in the little things that the staff go the extra mile to make her feel loved and cared for…”

“We have confidence in knowing our son is genuinely loved and being provided for…”

What Staff Say

“It has given me more empathy for those who are vulnerable and dependent upon our good judgment and mercy to sustain them.”

“I have learned new things, see a different view on things and have discovered new qualities about myself that I didn’t know I had.”

“I enjoy the working environment at David’s House…it feels more like a home than a work place. Everyone is treated like family; staff, residents and administration.”

“The relationships I have built with the residents is by far my favorite part of working here. I also enjoy the other staff very much! This is the best job that I have ever had.”

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