David’s House Ministries – Holiday Traditions

The Holiday Season at David’s House Ministries is always filled with fun. Our houses are decorated from head to toe, and Christmas music and movies play in every living room. 

With all of our fun traditions this time of year, we decided to pick a few to share with you! If you are looking for new ways to celebrate this Christmas, check out our list of holiday traditions below.

DHMIN Holiday Traditions:

  1. Decorating the Christmas tree while singing Christmas Carols
  2. Building Gingerbread Houses and Decorating Cookies
  3. Visit the Lake Michigan Credit Union Ball Park Lights
  4. DHMIN All-Home Christmas Party
  5. Holiday Expo
  6. Christmas Trivia
  7. Opening presents in our PJs 
  8. Holiday Movie Party the Week before Christmas
  9. Visiting Fredrik Meijer Gardens to see the Different Decorations
  10. Preparing our Favorite Meals

BONUS TRADITION: Of course, visiting with family and friends is the BEST tradition of them all!

We hope you found something fun to add to your home off of our list of holiday traditions. Comment below and let us know what we should add!