Meet Dale – Resident Spotlight

Dale, DHMIN resident, standing next to the House One van, 2022

Meet Dale! Dale has lived at David’s House Ministries for 35 years in House One.

If you have met Dale, you know he loves a good joke and making others laugh. When he is in a room, you cannot help but smile and listen to him, “just joke with ya.”

Dale loves his life here at DHMIN because he visits the other residents in the other houses and makes new friends wherever he goes. He enjoys watching videos, making crafts, and listening to music, and his favorite movie is Dukes of Hazard.

As you can tell, Dale is very active in our community. He attends almost every LEAP activity and never misses an opportunity to socialize.

When he is not at DHMIN, he volunteers at Hope Network and Beer City Dog Biscuits. Volunteering is important to him because it is a great way to have fun.

“I like living in House One because the guys are my friends,” Dale said. “I also love GG because she is my house mom.”

Some advice he has for everyone is to keep smiling.