Meet Mike

Meet Mike! Mike has served on our Board of Directors for 2 years now. Mike grew up in Grand Rapids and graduated from Calvin College (now University). In his spare time, Mike enjoys golfing, skiing, hunting, reading, and being outside with friends.  

Mike was first introduced to David’s House by DHM President, Casey Kuperus, 3 years ago when Casey was looking to start as Executive Director.  

I  feel called to give back and serve those in need. Caring for a loved one with special needs, while filled with many joys, can also be very stressful and time consuming. My wife and I have experienced some of this firsthand as we have a child on the Autism spectrum. Hearing stories from families on what David’s House has meant for their loved one and their family is very touching. We know there is a huge need in the community to serve families in this way and to be a part of serving and expanding the mission of David’s House is very rewarding

Mike works as a Financial Advisor at Wells Fargo Advisors. Having a career in financial services gives him skills and knowledge to help assess the financial aspects of the organization and offer insights in those areas. Mike says he is also good at listening to different points of view and working toward a common solution.  

 Mike’s favorite David’s House activity is anything that involves Casey getting dunked or taking a pie to the face.  That is one of our favorite activities too!  

If you could have any superpower, what would it be and why? I would want to fly because of the freedom to move around and see things from higher up. To this day I love flying on airplanes and looking out the window.  

Mike and his wife at our 2019 Walk-A-Thon