5 Smart & Powerful Reasons to Give From Your Will

Your completed will is both an important and powerful document. Through it, you can provide for your loved ones’ needs and transfer your God-given resources in a way that reflects your faith and values.

What’s more, when you include gifts to [MINISTRY NAME] and other ministries in your will, you experience five smart and powerful giving benefits.

  • Legacy. Extend the impact of your generosity, well beyond your lifetime.
  • Satisfaction. Experience the joy of putting your resources to work for Kingdom purposes.
  • Availability. Retain access to your resources for the remainder of your lifetime, or for as long as you need them.
  • Flexibility. Change your mind at any time about how your charitable gifts are designated.
  • Capacity. Potentially give more than would ever be possible during your lifetime.

Ready to learn more? Request your free copy of “How to Give to David’s House Ministries In Your Will” by calling Greg VanderGoot at 616.284.4383 or email gvandergoot@dhmin.org.