A Warm Welcome To Our New Executive Director


Dear Family and Friends of David’s House Ministries,

David’s House Ministries is pleased to introduce Mr. Casey Kuperus as our new Executive Director.

After a long search and reviewing many potential applicants, we are convinced the Lord has brought us to Casey and that he is the right man to lead David’s House Ministries at this time. In the few weeks Casey has been a part of DHM, his passion for our Lord and compassion for people has been obvious. He noticeably has the insight, determination, and integrity to help this ministry continue to grow and serve not only our present “family,” but to see us expand to help many more.

Having graduated from Calvin College with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Recreational Therapy, Casey has long been involved in helping individuals with special needs. Prior to coming to DHM, Casey worked in various roles in non-profit organizations focused on serving those with special needs. Additionally, his background in management and construction are invaluable for this ministry. Broadening his experience, Casey has served on numerous boards of various organizations, to include being the chair of deacons at his church, and his desire to help others is also seen in his having been an on-call firefighter.

Casey’s personal experience brings a greater dimension to his qualifications as he understands the perspectives of family members, caregivers, and administration. He stated, “I have an older brother with developmental disabilities, who has resided at the Grandville Friendship Homes for over 25 years. Through this, and my past work with Christian Learning Center and Friendship Ministries, I have a strong desire to support and see the growth of organizations providing care and residence for individuals such as my brother in a Christian environment. One of the hardest decisions my family ever made was moving him into a home that wasn’t ours, but it’s also been the biggest blessing ever for both him and our family.” Casey, along with his wife Laura and their three children, understand the emotions and concerns of families, and he is committed to helping David’s House be a place where families can have confidence that their loved one is receiving the highest quality of loving care in a Christian environment.

After leading the ministry for the past 12 years and being involved in various roles since its inception, Ann Braford is not leaving us. Recognizing she would be retiring within the next couple of years, she agreed to step aside as the Executive Director and take a new role as Business Director. In doing this, Ann is able to be work alongside Casey in providing a smooth transition, as she continues to provide extremely valuable involvement in the full David’s House Ministry. Ann is definitely a gift to this ministry, and we are thankful she has every intention to continue in helping David’s House be a place that provides quality care in a Christian environment for our many valued residents.

Looking ahead to our Lord’s continued working,

David Underwood

President, David’s House Board of Directors