DHM Volunteer of the Year Helping Out During Uncertain Times

Jake helping a resident

You make recognize our Volunteer of the Year from our Spring Pulse that was mailed out a few weeks ago.

Jake Sanford is a seventh-grader at Forest Hills Central Middle School. He began serving at David’s House as a way to meet the Citizen in Community badge requirement for Boy Scouts. This 8-hour badge goes towards Jake’s goal of becoming an Eagle scout. When asked why David’s House, Jake replied “I chose David’s House because I wanted something different. We do a lot of service projects with other organizations in the community and I wanted to serve a population that no other Scouts had worked with.” Due to Jake’s involvement, his parents and sisters have also come to volunteer at David’s House.
Jake’s favorite memory is the first time he came to David’s House because everyone was so friendly and welcoming. He has learned that even though we all have struggles, together we can do great things!

Even though we have had to close our doors to volunteers and visitors during these times, it has not stopped Jake from finding a way to contribute. Jake has asked neighbors and friends to save their bottles and cans and when restrictions are lifted, he will return them all and donate the proceeds to David’s House! We are beyond blessed that during these troubling and unknown times, we have friends like Jake who continue to think and care for our David’s House family. Thank you to Jake and his family for becoming a part of our family at David’s House.

We can’t wait for restrictions to be lifted and we can see all of our friends faces again! Until then, stay healthy, happy, and safe.

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