How would you like to volunteer at DHMIN?

DHMIN has compiled a list of ideas for you to get your volunteer gears turning!

Volunteering starts HERE, by checking out our online volunteer form. When you get to the volunteer form, you will need to fill out your personal information and other important details for your upcoming visit.

Eventually, you will get to this question:

This question is often the hardest to answer when inquiring about volunteering. But that is why we are here to explain what each of these categories means so that you can select the opportunities that relate closest to your interest.


Yard work at DHMIN could mean a variety of things! Cutting the lawns, raking leaves, staining fences, and cleaning windows are all things that we have assigned to individuals/groups interested in helping in this way.


We hope you like Uno and Bingo because these are fan favorites here! Other activities are sometimes holiday-themed or seasonal, depending on the time of year. Activities like this can range from water days and sprinklers to carving pumpkins or helping with holiday parties.


Are you crafty and want to help our residents get in touch with their creative sides? If so, we are happy to have you! Work with our volunteer coordinators to fine-tune your craft idea to make sure it is fun for everyone!

Summer Camp

DHMIN Summer Camp takes place in July and requires large (10+) groups of high-energy volunteers! If you are looking to play outdoor games, have water fights, and participate in camp crafts, you will want to contact us about volunteering for this event.

Prepare a meal

Want a low commitment but impactful way to give back? Prepare a meal! Come in and help our staff cook and serve a meal. It is always helpful to have people come in and bring extra hands for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

Clean common spaces

When life gets busy, cleaning common spaces can be a challenge. Help our staff keep our common spaces clean by helping out with vacuuming, sanitizing, and much more!

Small Group/Fellowship

Want to come in and lead a service, fellowship, or small group? Give us a call, and we will be more than happy to help you figure out what time and service will work best for our residents.

And if you just simply want to help and still are not sure how; select “Put me where you need me!” That way, one of our volunteer coordinators can walk you through our needs and where we think you will be best placed.

Now, check out our online volunteer form to start your journey as a DHMIN volunteer.

If you have any further questions please contact Development and Communications Coordinator Zoe Newmann.

Phone: 616.284.4385