Meet Brach – Resident Spotlight

Summer 2022

Meet Brach! Brach moved to David’s House Ministries in January of 2004. Since then, he has added so much joy to our community.

He has many friends at DHMIN but spends most of his time with his friends Terry and Greg. They enjoy going out to lunch and watching movies together.

Brach also attends MOKA four days a week, learning various life skills and volunteering throughout the community. He also participates in every LEAP activity he can, especially the ones with music. Being helpful around his home is also important to him, and he enjoys vacuuming and helping clear the counters after meals.

Listening to music and dancing is one of Brach’s favorite past times. He is known throughout our community for his fantastic dance moves.

A fun fact about Brach is that his favorite song is “Happy Dance” by Mercy Me.