Meet Ella – Staff Spotlight

Ella and David in the Community Room, 2022

Ella has been at David’s House Ministries (DHMIN) for eight years, working the third shift at House Three. She first heard about David’s House as a child through one of her church connections and ended up applying here later in life.

Ella enjoys that her efforts allow the daytime shifts to focus on spending their time with residents and not having to fret over where this item is or how they’ll find time to clean up a mess. What she does at night helps make the residents’ lives more enjoyable during the day.

“I experience immense satisfaction being like the proverbial brownie of myth and quietly keeping the house tidy and organized,” Ella said.

On the third shift, Ella’s ultimate goal is to help each person achieve the best night’s sleep possible. While she may not spend the same amount of time with the residents as first or second shift, the time she spends helps each person feel safe and secure in their most vulnerable hours and allows them to live their best lives when awake.

While working here, Ella has learned “that dress pants and Clorox do not mix well, that double bagging should always be considered a viable option, and that mint tea and warm milk are the best beverages to help find dreamland,” Ella said.

Ella has her bachelors in liberal arts with an emphasis on theology. Outside of work, she enjoys writing.

Her favorite quote is “A person’s a person, no matter how small” – Dr. Seuss.