Meet Linda – Resident Spotlight

Linda and Dawn, Summer 2021

Meet Linda! Linda has been at David’s House Ministries for just over two years. She lived in House Two before moving into one of our newest homes, Pine Tree Lodge.

In her free time, she enjoys listening to music, especially Randy Travis. Her favorite genres are Christian rock and country music. Linda also enjoys musicals; her favorite movie is Grease.

One of her favorite things is participating in LEAP activities with Life Enrichment Coordinator Lisa. These activities include visiting the beach, the Grand Rapids Public Museum, and the Art Prize.

Linda’s favorite part about living at DHMIN is being a part of a community and living with her friends. She loves having people to talk to and build relationships with. Her best friend is Terry from House One.

A fun fact about Linda is that she enjoys making crafts. She also loves her family and visiting with her sister Dawn.