Meet Liz

Meet Liz, shift supervisor in House 3 at David’s House. Working at David’s House has been an interesting journey for Liz. Over the course of three years, she transitioned from an intern to a full-time employee and now serves as a shift supervisor at House 3.  

Liz’s involvement at David’s House began as an intern during her college days at Grace Christian University. Like many students, she embarked on this internship as a requirement for her degree. Little did she know that this experience would become an integral part of her life. After completing college, Liz knew she didn’t want to leave, so she transitioned into a role as a fulltime employee. 

Today, Liz is a shift supervisor at House 3. In this role, she oversees the daily shift, manages the staff, and ensures the residents’ well-being. Some of her most important responsibilities are administering medications and maintaining clear communication with doctors and families.  

One of the aspects that Liz loves most about her job at David’s House is how incredibly rewarding it is. Every day, she walks into work knowing that she is making a positive impact in the lives of the residents and their families. And in turn they have an impact on Liz’s life as well.  

While Liz’s work at David’s House is a significant part of her life, she also enjoys her time outside of it. When she’s not at work, you’ll find Liz indulging in various activities. She loves exploring the great outdoors by walking trails and participating in team sports. She regularly takes her dog on walks or to the local dog park. Additionally, Liz finds purpose in serving her community through her church involvement. Finally, spending quality time with her husband and other family members is a big part of her life.  

Liz’s time at David’s House has been wonderful, we are so glad that she continues to work and grow here!