Resident Spotlight: Julie & Melissa

Please give a warm welcome to our newest David’s House Ministries residents, Julie and Melissa!!!

Julie moved into House 2 at the beginning of January. Since moving in, Julie has played board games with Adtegrity, attended Go Getters, and painted with Art In Motion! Julie enjoys doing color-by-number art  and LOVES puzzles. In fact, she has a large 2,000 piece puzzle framed in her room that her and her mom did together! Julie’s favorite food is supreme pizza and she loves watching I Love Lucy, as well as other comedy movies. We are so happy to have Julie here and are excited to see all of the fun art she creates!


Melissa moved into our newest home, Willow Tree Lodge, at the beginning of January as well. Since she moved in, Melissa has been busy at the mall, getting coffee at Bigby, going to the library, and painting with Arts In Motion. Being lifetime friends with former quarter back Ryan Van Dyke, Melissa is a HUGE Michigan State fan! Melissa is also a big country music fan, die-hard pasta lover, and loves a good chick-flick. We are excited to have Melissa here and add another MSU fan to the team for the MSU v. UofM rivalry!