Resident Spotlight – Meet Joel

Joel has been at David’s House Ministries for 34 years. He was initially in House One but now resides in House Two. We love having Joel be a part of our DHMIN Family. He always has a friendly smile and an easy-going attitude.

His favorite part about David’s House is never running out of things to do or people to talk to.

He enjoys activities like Beer City Dog Biscuits, Noorthoek, Go-Getters, and puzzling.

Noorthoek is especially fun because he feels like he gets to travel to different places through all of the pictures shown in class.

Using his exercise bike every morning is very important to him. So is puzzling and taking naps.

When he has free time, he loves going over to House One and walking with Terry, Greg, and Jon.

Joel is a big Michigan fan and never misses a football game.

A message that Joel lives by is, “be nice to everyone.”