Staff Spotlight – Meet Sam

Sam is one of the longest-serving employees at David’s House Ministries. He started working as a Resident Living Assistant on November 27, 2004.

He heard about DHMIN while attending Rogers Heights Christian Reformed Church. He became acquainted with one of the residents, Mark, who also participated in this church.

DHMIN posted a job, and Sam quickly applied. He went through all the training and started soon after. At the time, there were only two houses. After displaying an amazing work ethic and leadership skills, Sam quickly became a Shift Captain.

Before he felt called to serve at DHMIN, he had four years of experience working with Spectrum Community Services.

“I felt compelled to work here because I wanted to work in a Christian environment and honor God. I know what I am doing here is serving God by helping residents,” Sam said.

Sam’s family is originally from Kenya. While in Kenya, he worked as a Pastor. He moved to the United States in 2000. When his family joined him in the United States, Sam’s son Edwin began working in House 3, and his wife Zippy in Hampton and Boston House.

“I enjoy working in direct care and working with residents. I also love working with my colleagues and building a community for the residents,” Sam Said.

Sam knows his job can be challenging, but it does not bother him. Connecting with DHMIN residents and fellow employees brings him joy that he has never experienced at any other job.

“As a ministry, I see the residents just like me, a child of God. It is nice to share what I can with them and give them the total care they need. I enjoy doing whatever I need to help them and serve God,” Sam said.

His relationship with the residents can be seen and inspire others to do a great job. Sam has never missed a shift or called off of work and takes a lot of pride in his leadership role at DHMIN.

His favorite memory was when he first met the founders of DHMIN Jay and Lois. Sam had never been treated with more respect than in this moment. Sam knows Jay and Lois are the glue that will always hold us together.

“I love my job,” Sam said.