Staff Spotlight: Zach


Meet Zach!

Zach began working at David’s House in the summer of 2014 as a Care Giver at House Two.  Since then, his role has expanded to providing care for residents at both Houses Two and Four.

Over the past two and half years, Zach has enjoyed many endearing moments with residents on a day to day (even minute by minute) basis—from getting pied in the face with multiple shaving cream plates by the entirety of House Two to taking residents from House Four on late-spring walks around the cul-de-sac.

He has enjoyed creating art with many of the residents and loves seeing their individual styles and modes of creative expression such as haphazard crayon drawings of monsters, calculated geometric abstractions, multicolored alphabet arrangements, or simple radiating flower-heads.

Zach has loved working at David’s House. He is blessed with super co-workers who are supportive and thoughtful. For him, working alongside the residents in this setting has given each day a deeper resonance.

We appreciate the creativity and thoughtfulness with which you serve, Zach!