Meet Andy – Resident Spotlight

Please join us in welcoming Andy to David’s House Ministries. Andy moved into House Two this past May and has already met new friends and immersed himself in activities. 

Andy is a Michigander and has lived in West Michigan all his life. His passions include sports, going to camp, and Star Wars. His favorite movie is Episode One, and Darth Vader is his favorite character because the villains are the most interesting.

Something Andy enjoys doing in his free time is collecting figurines and comics from Star Wars and Marvel movies.

He loves DHMIN and all the friends he has made so far. Andy has become really good friends with his housemate Mark, and they enjoy talking, biking, and walking around campus.

Everywhere Andy goes, people are smiling. He enjoys telling jokes, dancing, and celebrating life. He is also into video games and plays on his computer regularly.

His advice for people is to stay happy and keep moving. He also wanted to remind everyone to get good sleep!