Meet Crystal – Resident Spotlight

Crystal Spring 2022

Meet Crystal! Crystal has been living in David’s House Ministries for 11 years now!

Her favorite things to do at DHMIN is participating in LEAP activities and outings. Some of her favorite activities are karaoke, arts and crafts, and going downtown Grand Rapids.

“I love living at David’s House because I get to spend time with my friends every day, and we have lots of parties.” Crystal said.

In her free time, she enjoys watching gameshows and sop-operas. She also loves spending time with her family and talking on the phone with her boyfriend, Scott.

Crystal’s best friend at DHMIN is Onboarding and Training Administrator Carla Fulton. Carla has been a huge blessing in her life, and they talk all the time.

Crystal’s advice to everyone is to “live life to the fullest.”