Meet Joel

Joel has been living at David’s House since 2012 and has enjoyed so many things about being here. Joel gets very involved in our Walk Ride Run each year, getting lots of his friends and family involved in supporting David’s House. 
Joel has a very busy schedule, two days a week Joel goes to Indian Trails, an organization that provides activities for adults with disabilities. Through them he has gotten to enjoy a wide variety of activities, one of his favorites has been bowling.  

In his spare time Joel really enjoys reading, his favorite kind of books are biographies. Learning about people who lived and reading about what they did is great entertainment for Joel. Also, in his spare time Joel loves to enjoy local restaurants with family and friends. His all-time favorite restaurant in Wolfgang’s, in East Town.  
Anyone who knows Joel, knows he has a great sense of humor, a fun fact about him is that really loves to pick on people, but only in good fun, and his housemates will tell you he is quite good at it.  
After thinking about all the superpowers that we could imagine, Joel said if he had to choose one it would be to be invisible.  

Joel is such a wonderful part of David’s House; we are so glad he’s here!