Resident Spotlight – Meet Matt

Matt has lived at David’s House Ministries for almost 17 years. He lived in House Two for a year before moving to House one.

His favorite part about living at DHMIN is the friendships he has built and always having something new to do.

When Matt is not biking, playing sports, or enjoying the outdoors, he volunteers with various organizations and participates in LEAP activities. He also enjoys meeting new people and talking with his friends at DHMIN

“I love all the freedom I have living at David’s House,” Matt said.

Matt’s relationship with House Supervisor Craig and all the men in House One is something he cherishes. DHMIN has made him feel safe, and he says he would not want to be anywhere else.

“Being able to experience the Riverbank run with DHMIN President Casey, having fun in the summer, going to Calvery Church, and being a part of the Go-Getters Ministry are all things that have made DHMIN home for me,” Matt said.

Matt also enjoys comedy movies, action films, card games, and listening to Christian and country music.

Something Matt says every day to inspire himself and others is “never give up and always think of the positive things. Try to smile and say thank you, God, for giving me another day to spread your love to other people, for I can do all things through Christ”