Staff Spotlight: Dave

Meet Dave! Much has contributed to the calling on his life to serve at David’s House.

As a child, Dave contracted polio and was left paralyzed from the neck down, needing life support in order to breathe. He spent his childhood using braces to walk normally. A very difficult few years with severe arthritis followed him into his teen years. Rather than growing bitter, he developed a heart for those who face life with disabilities.

Dave became involved with David’s House in the early 80’s when he was introduced to Jay and Lois DeBoer, who co-founded the ministry with Pastor Jim Holwerda. They had organized a board and started the non-profit organization for the purpose of building a ministry-oriented adult foster care home to meet the needs of their son. There were virtually no Christian homes at the time that were barrier-free and accommodated individuals who depended on a wheelchair for mobility.

In those days, Jim was Dave’s supervisor and the director of Honey Creek Christian Homes (now Wedgwood Christians Services). Jim suggested Dave visit Jay, Lois, their daughter, Ann Braford, and the rest of the board to see if he could assist in establishing the first home. This all got the ball rolling toward Honey Creek becoming a sponsor in helping David’s House get started. Soon, land was generously donated and the dream of David’s House came to fruition.

Dave has worn several hats over the course of his time at David’s House, but he most prominently works at pulling together friends and resources in order to build and sustain ministry operations. It gives him joy and satisfaction to help provide a place for people with special needs to live and receive the total-person care—body, soul and spirit—that he believes all people created in the image of God should receive.

Dave has been married to his wife, Sue, for 46 years. Sue is a licensed counselor and an adjunct at Wellspring Counseling center. They have three children and two grandchildren. Dave hopes to serve at David’s House as long as he’s able to.

We value your passion, service and leadership, Dave. Thanks for all you do!