Meet Mark

Mark joined the David’s House team just over a year ago as the House Supervisor for House 3.  House Supervisors are a key part of David’s House as they are responsible for making sure their house runs smoothly.  This includes assisting residents with their needs including scheduling appointments and managing fund, oversee all the staff who work in their home and be sure they are adequately trained, ensure the house is properly supplied with working equipment and necessary products, submitting all necessary report to keep up with licensing, and much more. 

After returning to the United States after several years teaching oversees, Mark first heard about David’s House from his neighbor, Casey Kuperus, who encouraged him to check it out and apply. Casey made David’s House sound so great, Mark was excited to get involved.  

When asked what he likes about his job, Mark said the following:  
“I like watching residents learn and grow. I enjoy working with resident families and our awesome staff to keep day-to-day life tasks and experiences rolling.  It takes a lot to keep thing moving around here, but this team does a great job. I’m proud to be part of it!’ 

In the times when Mark is not at work, he enjoys reading a good book or playing music on his guitar.  Mark also has an active family but when they all have the time they enjoy playing board games or watching Survivor together.  Also, Mark enjoys keeping up communications with his friends around the world. 
Mark has been such a great addition to our David’s House staff, we are so glad he joined our team!