Meet Becky – Resident Spotlight

Meet Becky, a vibrant and cherished member of the David’s House Ministries community. For the past five years, she has called this place her home. 

 Becky is an active participant in all of the LEAP (Life Enriching Activities and Programs) events organized at David’s House. These events have become an integral part of her life, filling her days with laughter, new experiences, and friendships. Whether it’s a Bible study, a music performance, or a day trip to a local zoo, Becky is always eager to participate and make the most of her time at David’s House. 

During her free time, Becky has a wide array of interests that keep her engaged and mentally sharp. She’s an avid fan of word search puzzles, which she solves with enthusiasm, and she enjoys making diamond art projects. She also enjoys various puzzles, each one a testament to her problem-solving skills.  Becky also helps organize a book club, where she, along with fellow residents, explores the literary world. Their current fascination is with the works of Janette Oke, whose books provide endless topics for lively discussions and bonding moments. 

Outside of David’s House, Becky’s enthusiasm for life takes her to “Go Getters” gatherings at Calvary Church as often as her schedule permits. These church events bring her even more connections and opportunities for personal growth.  

Becky is known for her great sense of humor, a quality that has that he friends appreciate about her. It’s with this sense of humor that she enters each day with a strong and positive attitude.

If Becky could choose to be any superhero, she would undoubtedly be Wonder Woman. This choice reflects her own inner strength and her desire to help others. Much like the iconic character, Becky likes to see the world become a better place.  

Becky has found a place to belong at David’s House, we are so glad she is here!