Meet Terry

Terry is one of our original David’s House Residents, he began living here over 36 years ago. He is one of the 6 original residents who still live at David’s House today.  

One of Terry’s favorite things to do is go outside and take walks. If you have spent time at David’s House, you have probably seen Terry and one of his housemates out walking around. Terry also enjoys all the LEAP activities David’s House provides; he loves them all, but because he loves to walk, Walk Ride Get Outside is his favorite! 

In his spare time, Terry loves to sing. He is a member of a singing group called The Singing Hims which travels around West Michigan performing Christian music. Terry also volunteers his time to sing at nursing homes, specifically for people with dementia because he said sometimes songs are the last things they remember so it is comforting to them.  

One fun fact that Terry wanted to share is that he loves dogs. Terry also said that he already has a superpower, a great memory, which is true; he can recognize most people by their voice after only meeting them a couple times.  

Terry is such a wonderful member of the David’s House community; we are so glad he has been with us for so long!