The David’s House Difference

The other day we received a message from one of our resident’s parents that we thought we would share with you!

“When our daughter left our home after ten years and entered “the system,” I was cautioned by other mothers, “you will have to lower your standards considerably or be upset every time you see her. I questioned what they meant until she appeared at church with remnants of breakfast on her face and top, etc. One day I received a call from someone at Mary Free Bed in the dead of winter, “do you realize your daughter is here in short shorts today?” The group home’s explanation: “It’s what she chose to wear this morning!”

“Since, moving her into David’s House, I just want you to know that I no longer have to lower my standards to be happy to see my daughter. She always looks So nice—people at church remark about it. So just a huge THANK YOU to the aides who are dressing her beautifully on Sundays and otherwise. Your staff is doing a great job all around.” – Anonymous

It is not a secret that our industry is not perfect. We strive to make sure that our houses are in excellent shape and that our residents and their families see the difference when compared to other facilities.  For the residents who call David’s House their home, we provide hope, community, and peace of mind for their families.

We take the time to ensure each resident lives the life they deserve. That includes providing access to life-enriching activities, and opportunities to explore the communities they reside in.

Caring for residents at David’s House also means providing the basics and paying attention to detail. Each resident is fed, cleaned, and dressed appropriately before they leave the house. We take pride in caring for our community.

At the end of the day, there is just one word to describe the David’s House Difference: LOVE. We love what we do and the people we serve.

If you ever want to volunteer in our community and see the David’s House difference firsthand, visit our website and learn more about how you can get connected.