Hampton House


by Melany Metzger

In October 2016, David’s House had the honor of taking on the Community Living Support services for six ladies who live at our sister home, Hampton House.  Hampton House is a quaint duplex located near Cornerstone University.  These ladies and their families have known about David’s House for years and the plans to make this major change was a while in the making.

Of course, change makes us all a bit apprehensive.  There were many things to take into consideration and plan, according to a very strict schedule to make the transition as seamless as possible.

Fast forward several months, and things are bubbling right along.  It almost seems as if there was never a change.  Staff members stayed the same, yes.  But the atmosphere, the morale, the values, the prayer and the focus have all changed.

Exciting testimonies are already pouring in. Clients who once used to rub each other wrong are now praying for one another when they get frustrated. Staff who used to be fearful of relationships with clients and other staff on the job are embracing them.  A client who selectively never uses words is now carrying on conversations with other house mates and staff. A new vehicle was donated to Hampton House to use for outings. The list goes on!

One thing is certain—God is moving in and through the staff working at David’s House.  Never have we had such a strong, committed team of like-minded people who desire to be God’s hands and feet to those who need a little extra help.

We also see our clients flourishing daily. Behaviors are improving, health is increasing, and community is growing in our homes. We have much to praise God about daily at Hampton House and throughout David’s House Ministries.