Our vision for LEAP is to expand our community outreach, increase the number of volunteers coming to David’s House, expand our programming, and be able to make lunch and snacks together in our community room. We believe the residents who live at David’s House have gifts that should be shared with the community and that life-long learning improves quality of life. We also think it is important to have fun!!

What is LEAP?
LEAP stands for Life Enriching Activities and Programs. We chose this name as we thought “day programming” carried a negative stigma. We did not want to create something just to keep people busy, but instead wanted to offer opportunities to engage in meaningful recreation with friends. LEAP felt more exciting, lively, and fun for us than the traditional names like “day programming” and “workshop”.

Why have LEAP?
Our initial thought with LEAP was to offer more opportunities here at David’s House since we can only take a handful of people on outings each time. We have found that smaller community outings are more fun and less stressful for everyone rather than trying to take a large group out as we have done in the past. To make sure that there are opportunities for everyone each week – either at home or in the community – we started LEAP! We are able to include more people when we do activities right here at David’s House because of accessible bathrooms, ability to include more staff and volunteers, and being close to home for mealtimes.

What do you do at LEAP?
We have been really excited to include learning opportunities and promoting health and well-being when we all get together. We have learned about the Spanish language and various countries around the world, spent time stretching and exercising, and engaged in activities that give back to the community. Some of these include packaging dog biscuits for Beer City Dog Biscuits, putting together tags for our friends at CareLinc Medical, and making cards for community members.