Meet Liz

Meet Liz!

Liz started working at House 3 in October of 2020. She first heard about David’s house through her church, but she learned more about us through school. Liz is currently attending Grace Christian University where she will graduate in April with a bachelor’s degree in Human Services. She had several assignments for school where she had to learn about a local human service agency and she chose David’s house, which resulted in her passion for working with people with special needs. Shortly after, she applied for a job!

One of the things Liz loves most about David’s House is that we’re “a Christian-based organization that strives to care for people in a friendly and godly way.” She says, “many organizations claim the faith but don’t portray it as well but David’s house does.” One of her favorite parts of her job is the time she has to sit down and play a card game, read a book, or talk with a resident to get to know them better. Liz has learned since working at David’s house that people often have a stereotypical view of people with special needs, but what most don’t know is that they are so much more. They are capable of forming relationships, expressing emotions, having jobs, learning, and much more, just like everyone else. Working at David’s house has further shown her the uniqueness of people with special needs.

This last year has been very difficult for many people and it’s very easy to focus on the negatives. Liz said one thing she has taken away from the pandemic is to enjoy the small things. It’s easy to take things like being able to eat in a restaurant, going to a sporting event, or being able to see family members for granted, but they can easily be taken from us.

Liz enjoys playing softball, drawing, baking, serving at church, playing board games and card games, and just being outdoors.

If you could have any superpower, what would it be and why? I would choose the ability to talk to animals. I love animals and I’m always curious what they’re thinking or trying to say! 

Liz & Crystal a House 3’s New Year’s Eve Celebration!