Meet Missy

Meet Missy!

Missy has lived at David’s House for almost 8 years! When she first moved here, she lived at House 2, but she moved to Willow Tree Lodge once it opened. 

Missy is very passionate about helping out. Because of COVID, she has been unable to go to Ability Weavers in Lowell, where she would make different woven products. However, she is still able to volunteer with Beer City Dog Biscuits. They drop off the supplies, and Missy puts the stickers on the sample bags. 

Missy loves to play Skipbo. She usually plays with her dad on the computer! Some of Missy’s other hobbies include painting, arts & crafts, hanging out with the other Willow Tree Ladies, and riding her bike. During the winter months, Missy will ride her bike inside, but she definitely prefers the warmer months of riding outside.

The warmer weather also brings fun adventures with her dad. They do a lot of RV camping during the summer. Missy enjoys going to the beach and visiting Manistee with her dad. 

If you could have any superpower, what would it be and why? I would help people because it is nice!