Meet Nancy

Meet Nancy! Nancy has worked at David’s House 1 year (she started at House 1 on July 16 last year!!). She has a background in direct care and stumbled upon one of our job listings. What caught her attention was our Christian roots, which is very important to her.

Nancy grew up in the small town of Henry, Tennessee. She loved living in sch a small town where everyone knew and helped each other. That is something Nancy loves about David’s House as well – the close-knit, family feeling you get at DHM.

One thing Nancy loves about working at House 1 is how appreciative the guys are. They are always thanking her, and she loves knowing that she is having a positive impact on their day. Nancy also appreciates how helpful the guys are. They enjoy helping out with meals, putting groceries away, and cleaning.

When she’s not working, Nancy enjoys spending time with family, going fishing, attending church functions, listening to gospel music, and reading. 

If you could have any superpower, what would it be and why? “I would like the ability to control time, like stopping, slowing, or reversing it. I think I could make life easier sometimes.”

Nancy & Matthieu putting groceries away