Meet Sarah – Staff Spotlight

Linda (Left), Sarah (Middle), and Julie (Right), Winter 2023

Meet Sarah Chenoweth! Sarah started working at David’s House Ministries in March of 2022, almost a year ago.

She works at Pine Tree Lodge as a Team Captain, “hanging out with the awesome girls of Pine Tree each week,” Sarah said.

One of her neighbors had told her about DHMIN. So when Sarah began looking for a job, she got some more details about DHMIN, took a tour, and knew instantly that this was where she needed to be!

“I enjoy spending time and building relationships with the residents. Helping them reach milestones or seeing their joy in different activities or with their friends is so incredible,” Sarah said.

Some things she enjoys doing with residents are art projects or dancing with the ladies in their living room.  

“Just dance is a huge hit at Pine Tree Lodge; we do it almost every day,” Sarah said.

Since working at David’s House, Sarah has learned how to cook and to be more patient with others. She has become proficient in helping residents through things without trying to do it for them. She enjoys encouraging residents to be as independent as possible, so she makes it a habit for them to try by themselves first, then ask for help.

Outside of work, she likes to spend time with family and friends. Her family has a lot of pets, so loving them and playing with puppies are often her favorite pastimes. In the summers, she loves to be on the water in any way. Sarah also spends a lot of her free time in class or working on homework.

Sarah is a student at Grand Valley State University, working on her Bachelors of Exercise Science with hopes of getting her Doctorate in Physical Therapy.

“Jesus replied, ‘You do not realize now what I am doing, but later you will understand.” John 13:7

“I love this verse because oftentimes we go through ups and downs and try to question why is this happening to me, but this verse serves as a reminder that God has a plan, and we don’t always need to know why right away,” Sarah said.