Staff Spotlight: Shane

Meet Shane!

Shane began working at David’s House in 2003 as a House Parent in House One. He and his wife, Melany, were drawn to the position because it gave them an opportunity to work together and spend their days at home with their kids. A former Motor Carrier Officer for the Michigan State Police, Shane has never regretted the decision to leave his job of four years in order to live and work at David’s House.

Shane and his family lived in House One for nearly six years, providing Melany and he the opportunity to raise their kids and spend time together. Around 2005, Shane was promoted to Operations Manager, which involved increased responsibilities within the only two homes in operation at the time. As the ministry prepared to open House Three in 2010, Shane and his family moved out of House One.

Shane is part of the choir at Resurrection Life Church, which has provided an opportunity for him to not only actively serve in the church but also to feel part of the church family and community. He enjoys being outdoors with his family and doing activities like hiking, fishing, swimming, and mushroom hunting. Music and cooking are long time hobbies of Shane’s, but he’s more recently found enjoyment in painting.

“I truly appreciate the opportunities I’ve been provided by David’s House to learn and grow and how the ministry has supported my family and me,” Shane says.  “The Lord has used my time here to shape me more into his image both through the ‘amazing moments’ that I’ve experienced and the trials and difficulties I’ve faced.”

We’re so grateful for you, Shane.