What’s (NOT) in Your Wallet?

4 Reasons to Consider a Gift Other Than Cash!

Are you a stockholder? Farmer? Real estate investor? Business owner?

You may be able to increase your potential impact AND reduce your taxes by giving something other than cash to David’s House Ministries!

Depending on the type, gifts of non-cash assets (such as stock, real estate, business interests, commodities or machinery) can benefit you in a number of ways.

  1. Reduce your taxes. Receive a deduction for the fair market value at the time of your gift and avoid the tax liability on the sale of appreciated assets.
  1. Eliminate hassles. Give assets you no longer need or care to manage for the benefit of ministry.
  1. Increase your giving capacity. Give from your excess resources without restricting cash flow.
  1. Eliminate burdens for your heirs. Reduce potential taxes or complications for your loved ones by giving complex or burdensome assets to ministry in the here and now, rather than leaving them in your estate.

Should you consider giving something other than cash? Request your free copy of “Non-Cash Assets: Gifts that Reduce Taxes” by calling 616-284-4383 or email gvandergoot@dhmin.org.